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  • Let's make fine touches to your site with Corvid (special coding operations to be done on the visible and back of the site).

  • Contact us for original web designs.

  • We are at your service with suitable web design projects for everyone.

  • Everything you need to have an impressive website is here ..

Compatible with mobile devices

Web designing

Services and Prices


Prices are the average service fee for the services. A special price tariff is applied according to the content and integrity of the project. After agreeing on the fee and the form of payment, the project starts.

The fees do not include the Domain, Hosting and Additional Application fees charged by Wix.

Corvid Hizmetleri

Corvid Services

  • Special Login Forms

  • Advanced Store Features

  • Special Design and Behavior

  • Content Management with Database

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Your Corvid service request has been received. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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